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The Freelance Generation

Why startups and companies should know about the freelance generation
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tags: careers, jobs, freelance

Tech Skills You Need to Know for 2015

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tags: careers,technology,skills

Are Experts Still in Demand For HTML and CSS

catagory: Careers
tags: careers,coding,jobs,html,css

11 Steps to Becoming a Software Engineer - Without a CS Degree

You can become a software developer without a college degree
Learn to code. It is easy and fun.
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tags: carrers,learn,school

Why Being an Amateur Coder is Good

Software Developer jobs are expected to grow the most over the next decade.
It is not too late to learn to code
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tags: careers,developers

Stackoverflow Developer Survey Results For 2016

69% of developers are at least partially self taught
Learn to code
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tags: developers,survey

Setting Business Goals

The benefit of goal setting
All you need to know
catagory: Careers
tags: goels,careers,motivation

Seniors Learn to Code

Its no to late to start
Learn to code
catagory: Careers
tags: careers,code

Learning to Code is the Most Valuable Skill for the 21 st Century

The nature of work has fundamentally changed.
Software is turning industries inside out
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tags: code

Boost Your Freelance Profile

Freelancing has a huge amount of positve benefits.
Learn to start freelancing
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tags: freelance, coding, ui,ux

Why U Should Learn to Code

A skill that is not only in high demand, but also in low supply.
Get coding
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tags: jobs,code

Reason Why it is So Difficult to Find a Front - End Developer

Steep Learning curve?
Learn to code
catagory: Careers
tags: front-end,ui,html,cdd,jobs

Best Websites For Freelance Web Designers and Developers

Great places to land a freelance web developer gig
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tags: freelance,jobs,web designer,developer

Tech Startups and Freelancing

Gone are the days of the 40-hour work week that kept us at work eight hours a day (I find that most startup ...
Incentive to freelance
catagory: Careers
tags: freelance, startups,coding

10 Really Good Reasons Why You Need to Learn Code

Learn to code on your own. A high demand skill with low supply.
10 really good carrer points states
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tags: code,learntocode,careers
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