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Boston, Ma

Stack ~ HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Vuejs, jQuery, Ajax, Api Integration, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Filemaker

Keep Calm and Try Coding

Education: Harvard Extension School
Dynamic Web Applications - Learned The Laravel Framework

Education: Harvard Extension School
Web Programing Using JavaScript - Learned JavaScript

Education: Harvard Extension School
Website Developemnt - Learned HTML and CSS

Self-taught ~ Bootstrap, Filemaker, PHP, MySQL, Github, Angular, Vuejs

A complete list of Courses

Northeatern University ~ BS Economics

Details available upon request.



Front End Web Developer

Back End Web Developer

 My Works of Art

  • Project 4 HES Class Dynamic Web Application
  • David Petringa's Angular web App
  • Ajax Drones - A blog about drones
  • Pops Food Creation - A food truck in Meridith, NH
  • Cape Mediation
  • The B Fund
  • The Dom Document Object Model
  • Ajax Transport Home Page
  • Transportation Links at The Central Dispatch
  • Loaded and Rolling
  • Mortgage Calculator Using JavaScript
  • Get The Blob Game Using JavaScript and api
  • Bookmarklets Created with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL
  • Home Page for Fundamentals of Web Developement Using JavaScript at Harvard Extension School
  • Blog Using PHP and MySQL
  • Home Page For Introduction to Web Programming at Harvard Extension School
  • Home Page For HTML5 Brunch Season 5
  • Filemaker using Execute SQL Script
  • My Portfolio of my current work.
  • As my knowledge and experience has increased, I feel my work has tremendously improved. Scroll through my projects.
  • I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed coding them.


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