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HES Class Dynamic Web Applications

Developed using the Laravel Framework.
Final project for class Dynamic Web Applications which I took at Harvard extension School.
catagory: Coding
tags: web development, php,laravel

My Mortgage Calculator

I code this mortgage calculator. I used javascsript.
It is accurate.
catagory: Coding
tags: javascsript, html, coding

Get The Blob Game

Check out my game I coded. I am using Javascript and JSON data.
Get the blob
catagory: Coding
tags: game, javascript, json, html

JavaScript Debugging Tools

Some useful tools for debugging JavaScript
catagory: Coding
tags: javascript, debugging, tools

Welcome to DavidS Blog

I intend to post topics which are of interest to me. I hope the topics are interesting to you also. Catagories are on the right sidebar. Click one that may interest you
I coded this blog using HTML, CSS, PHP . I am using MySQL to store the data for each blog post. I created a Filemaker solution to store the data and to interact with MySQL The Filemaker script Execute SQL came in very useful for adding and editing blog posts.

I did not code this using the responsive first web design approach. Maybe in the future I will make this site more mobile friendly. My main purpose was to create a site that can gather data from a different MySQL database simply be changing a few lines of PHP code.

I hope you enjoy my site.

David Petringa
Enjoy my blog. Feel free to post this to social media. Easy to use links are on the left side.
catagory: Coding
tags: about, david, blog

My Completed Assignments For Harvard Extension School

Completed assignments for Fundamentials of Web Developemnt
catagory: Coding
tags: html,css,javascript,front end,ux,ui

Really Cool CSS3 Coding Techniques

Really interesting and easy to implement
catagory: Coding
tags: coding, css

Why You Should Learn to Code Before Starting a Business

Good information entrepreneurs
catagory: Coding
tags: careers, coding,learn,to,code

18 Cool Bootstrap Templetes to Make Awesome Websites

Bootsrtap templetes to create websites
catagory: Coding
tags: bootstrap-html-css-ux-ui

Responsive Ecommerce Product Pages Created with Bootstrap

Bootstrap can be used create awesome responsive ecommerce product detail pages. Check out this short tutorial.
Bootstrap is one of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript front frameworks for creating responsive web pages.
catagory: Coding
tags: bootstrap, ecommerce,ux,ui

My Web Page I Coded

A Picture of a Pink Rose
Pink Rose
I coded this page using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Filemaker
catagory: Coding
tags: code,ux,ui,html,filemaker,mysql

Bootstrap or Bootcamp Learn to Code

How to be a self-made Web Developers
catagory: Coding
tags: careers

Twitter Bootstrap Usage Statistics

Increase in sites using Bootstrap
Front end framework
catagory: Coding
tags: Front end framework, ux, ui, learntocode

Four Most Important Pages on Your Website

Four Most Important Pages on Your Website Read More >>>

A book on creating a website | The missing manual creating a website
catagory: Coding
tags: ui,ux,code

Wikipedia on Bootstrap

Wikipedia has a good history and overview for the Bootstrap front end framework
catagory: Coding
tags: bootstrap,html,css,javascript

Benefits of Learning to Code

About computers
Teach a human how to program a computer and the computer will replace the human.
Learn to code
catagory: Coding
tags: code

Bootstrap Advantage

Bootstrap has many amazing features including jQuery plugins.
catagory: Coding
tags: bootstrap,html,css,jquery

Websites Built with Bootstrap

Impressive websites that use the Bootstrap front end framework
Lots of Bootstrap examples
catagory: Coding
tags: bootstrap, html,css

Websites Created With Bootstrap

Bootstrap can be used to create really awesome sites
40 websites built with Bootstrap framework
catagory: Coding
tags: Bootstrap,HTML5,CSS,Javascript

Color Palette Tools For Web Developers

21 great sites for color palettes for web design
Enhance you web site design skills by using cgreat color schemes
catagory: Coding
tags: html,ui,colors

Learn Front-End Framework, Bootstrap

Learn Bootstrap
Join us for HTML5 Brunch, Season 6. A virtual self study #learntocode group. The topic of Season 6 is Bootstrap, a front-end framework. The book will be Sams Teach Yourself Bootstrap in 24 Hours by Jennifer Kyrnin
catagory: Coding
tags: bootstrap,html,css

Not my Domain Name Pointing to my Website

I have an interesting scenario.

I have an interesting scenario. A domain name which I do not own is pointing to my website. The owner of the domain will not take down the domain forwarding. The main reason this is a bad deal is search engines. When search results include my website, the other domain shows up in the results. This implies that my website is associated with their website. Not so as their is no association.

So I believe I found a solution. .htaccess which is used for site-access issues. I create an .htaccess rule to redirect the unwanted url to an error page on my website. I hope that the search engines will crawl my pages -soon- and push the unwanted search results so far down that the search results will appear irrelevant.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.bad-doamin.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^$ http://www.dukesnuz.com/403.shtml [L,R=301]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^bad-doamin.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^$ http://www.dukesnuz.com/403.shtml [L,R=301]
More information describing .htaccess can be found here.
catagory: Coding
tags: url,domain,.htaccess

Web Design Trends to Learn For 2016

Great article on website design.
I enjoyed the above book on responsive web design.
catagory: Coding
tags: UX, UI, Design, Responsive

Pure Responsive Web Design Framework

Pure Framework responsive css modules
Could this be the simple alternative to bootstrap?
catagory: Coding
tags: framework,ui,frontend,html,css

Responsive Frameworks Have a Problem

The counter opinion to the Bootstrap framework.
Is the alternative Kraken?
catagory: Coding
tags: frameworks,boostrap,frontend,ui,html,css

11 Good Reasons to Use Bootstrap

Learn to code using Bootstrap
All rolled into Bootstrap
catagory: Coding
tags: boostrap,frameworks,html,css,javascript

My Favorite Learn to Code books

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, Filemaker
I have read all but 3 of these books.
catagory: Coding
tags: code,html,css,php,javascript,mysql
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Use PHP to Convert HTML to PDF

Esay way to convert html to PDF using PHP using MPDF class
Real simple
catagory: Coding

7 Useful CSS3 Code Samples

Some really wonderful things can now be done with CSS
Useful coding tips that can be used to create some super cool website designs
catagory: Coding
tags: css,code

My Pictures

A pink and white flower

This blog will contain posts that seem relevent and interesting to me. I hope you also enjoy them and find this blog useful.

I am using a model view controller (MVC) pattern for this web page. I using PHP for the controller, HTML for the view and for the modal mySQL. I also developed a Filemaker solution. The FM solution stores the blog data. I use the execute SQL script to upload, edit and delete all blog post data. The code can be found on GitHub. PHP files on GitHub. HTML file on GitHub